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Arrays - Map, Filter, Slice

Friday, April 24th 2020

There are a variety of ways you can store and manipulate data in JavaScript. What are some things we can do with data and how do we do it?

Digital penpals - Meet Slowly!

Friday, April 17th 2020

The current pandemic has left people all over feeling trapped and isolated. Ever wanted a penpal? This might be an idea for you.

Learning Web Development from Home - where?

Friday, April 10th 2020

Getting locked at home is a pain. How can you develop your skills during this time? Learning services might be a good bet.

Working at home - The experience

Friday, April 3rd 2020

Ever since the outburst of the Coronavirus has hit, and some have had to adapt to working at home. How is it?

Earth tones - the slightest touch for the biggest punch!

Monday, March 23rd 2020

Earth tones in fashion have recently sprung up to be quite the game changer. What are they? What difference does it make?

The future of CMS - The emergence of new technologies

Thursday, March 5th 2020

For years, systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Magneto have dominated the CMS scene. But what's in store for the future?

Learning ReactJS - Functions VS Classes (Part 3)

Friday, February 28th 2020

Function and Class components? What are they? Those questions and more will hopefully be answered in this article

Continuing the PokeAPI Pokedex - Look at those 'mons!

Wednesday, February 19th 2020

This is a second part to our blog series on a Pokedex app using React and RESTful APIs so, check the last article if you haven't!

My small little learning project - PokeAPI Pokedex!

Thursday, February 13th 2020

Remember Pokemon? Well, recently I've been working on a project to help better my understanding of React and RESTful APIs.

Fashion - How to up your dress sense

Thursday, February 6th 2020

A lot of people dress as they wish, but could they dress better? Let's go through how colour can help us!

Learning ReactJS - Props vs State (Part 2)

Wednesday, January 29th 2020

Continuing from last time, we look at the difference between props and states, functions and classes, and more.

Learning ReactJS - Starting up! (Part 1)

Wednesday, January 22nd 2020

When entering the web development scene, React can seem like a big obstacle. But how much should you really worry about it?

The Ballmer Curve - what and how?

Wednesday, January 15th 2020

Ever heard of the Ballmer Curve? No? It's an exciting programming technique that you might be interested in trying out...

Creating a monorepo web project with Netlify

Thursday, January 9th 2020

Monorepositories have become popular across the scope of the web. But how do you create a monorepo project with Netlify?